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Covering over 280 million lives and trusted by organizations nationwide
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"Our partnership with BetterHelp has been wonderful, and they were there to support us at the beginning of the pandemic when we wanted to provide a helpful resource to our team. In no time at all, we were up and running and our employees had access to virtual therapy at their fingertips. Our employees love the platform and find it easy to use, there is flexible scheduling availability (especially nights and weekends), and they can seek out exactly what they are looking for in a provider."
The right program for your organization
BetterHelp for EmployersOur 'Mental Health as a Benefit' program will provide your employees with the tools to better cope with their personal challenges and maintain a healthy work/life balance while helping you battle the hidden productivity killer in your workplace.
BetterHelp for EAPsImagine having the largest provider network nationwide with the ability to offer same-day availability for your clients' members wherever they are. Now, imagine saving a ton of money in the process. Stop imagining and make this a reality by clicking the 'Get Started' button.
BetterHelp for UniversitiesOffering BetterHelp to your students allows you to allocate your Campus-based resources on the more acute cases while giving them an 'easy-to-use', 'in-the-palm-of-your-hand' direct and connection to a licensed therapist.
BetterHelp for non-profitsSometimes, the problem with being strong is that no one stops to ask you how you are doing. Provide BetterHelp to your mission-driven and dedicated members, and show them that their wellbeing is just as important.
BetterHelp for Brokers and ConsultantsYou’ve always done well by your clients. You worked hard to win their trust and friendship. As an insider that is also knowledgeable on what’s out there, they rely on you to guide them right. Guide them to BetterHelp. You’d both be happy that you did.
BetterHelp for Cities and CommmunitiesWhether it’s wildfires up North or a tornado that runs through Main Street USA; from providing thousands of hot meals across town to a cruise line stranded off the shores of Tokyo - you take care of your own first and we’re right there with you.
Millions of members and hundreds of organizations already enjoy BetterHelp. Here are some of the reasons why:
Why members love us
  • Most comprehensive mental health support for organizations
  • Smart matching with a licensed therapist per their preferences and needs
  • Get the support they need, when they need it - wherever they are
  • Easy access to the benefit leading to higher engagement levels
  • Message their therapist when its most convenient for them
  • Live weekly session over chat, phone, or video with their therapist
  • 30+ interactive group sessions facilitated by a therapist
  • Digital tools like a journal, goal tracking, and interactive worksheets
  • Feeling supported in their place of work and that they matter too
  • Maintain a work-life balance and create enjoyable moments at home
Why organizations love us
  • Most comprehensive mental health support for your members
  • No integration required and/or setup fees
  • Roll out within a week's time
  • Simple dashboard to manage membership
  • Co-branded landing page to onboard your members
  • Designated success manager and support team
  • Monthly utilization reporting free of any PII
  • Choose the right coverage for your organization (annual vs. shorter term)
  • 2 simple pricing plans (flat rate to cover all or pay-per-usage)
  • Happier, healthier, and more productive employees
How it works
4 modalities to communicateChoose the right way for you, every time! With BetterHelp you can communicate with your therapist via text, chat, phone, or video.
Dynamic member managementAs an organization, you need a program that would keep up with your way of doing things. With BetterHelp this is easy, you can add/remove members as needed, have full control over plan selections as well a completely visibility into utilization rates - just to name a few benefits!
Quick implementationWe like to keep things business-friendly and simple; therefore, implementing our services requires zero integration! We can have your organization up and running within a week.
GroupinarsJoin one or more of our 30+ weekly, topic-based, interactive group session webinars. Facilitated by a therapist who is an expert in that topic/field, our groupinars are accessible to all of our members, and kept up-to-date with current events.
Robust reportingWith BetterHelp you have access to aggregate level reporting that provides insight into your organization's platform utilization.
Largest and most diverse provider networkWith 25,000+ licensed therapists, our diverse and clinically versatile provider network allows us to match your members based on their preferences and needs, making sure they get the support they need and deserve.
Matching your members with the right therapist for them!
With 25,000+ licensed therapists, our diverse and clinically versatile provider network allows us to match your members based on their preferences and needs, making sure they get the support they need and deserve.
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