We're the industry leader for a reason

As the largest mental health provider in the industry, with over 750,000 sessions every month, we have more experience than anyone elses in supporting your employees.

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* After 6 weeks of therapy on BetterHelp.

A clinical approach that works

Since 2013, BetterHelp has supported millions of clients and hundreds of organizations by providing clinically-proven and evidence-based results for companies seeking to improve employee wellbeing!

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What you get

We offer a simple pricing plan with comprehensive mental health support for your employees. You will receive a designated partner success manager and support team to ensure seamless adoption and quality service.

Largest Network

30,000 and counting therapists on the platform.

Match within 24 hours

88% of clients are matched within 24 hours.

Communicate your way

Enjoy live sessions via video, phone, and live chat.

Robust reporting

Live & robust utilisation reporting with all the details you need.

Pay for what you use

Simple pay-per-use pricing plan for your employees

Zero integration rollout

No hassle rollout within 14 days from an agreement.

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